Metal Studio

  Metal Workshop Copyright: © Ivo Mayr

|1200| Hall in ISF

Contact: Michael Staack

phone.: 0241 8090422

In Semper's diction, metals are 'flexible, tough, highly resistant to tearing'. The students first experience their specific characteristics - in contrast to concrete, wood, stone - when they work with them. They learn to 'think in metal', a feeling for the material, for its dimensions, for its surfaces, for typical joints. Depending on their interests and questions, they learn how a metal casting works, how steel can be separated by cutting or chipping processes, how forming is done by hand-guided tools, how metals can be joined by soldering or fusion welding processes, and much more. Along the way, they get an idea of what it means that good work 'tells' about nature, about the peculiarities of the material used. Already in the basic apprenticeship in the first year, but also in their own metal workshops or in the context of designs and seminars, they have many opportunities to gain insights into this very special world.