Studio for Colour and Space / Print Making

  Laboratory for Colour & Materials Copyright: © Anja Neuefeind

1090 | Rogowski Institut | 3rd Floor | Room 322-323

Contact: Anja Neuefeind

phone.: 0241 80 95078

The design of spaces as atmospheres has become a guiding principle of the architecture teaching of the Chair of Artistic Design. That is why it is important to us that practical points of contact with colour and colour effects in a spatio-temporal context arise during the course of study. That is the mission of this workshop, which is still under construction. Here, students experiment, test and explore a wide range of technical and craft skills for the artistic application of colour, material and light in architecture. Because we are convinced that only the individual manual, haptic-visual experience with real materials promotes a well-founded development of the personal feeling for colour. This creates a solid basis for an intrinsically motivated conceptual approach to colour in architectural design.
A mobile unit for tools, materials, colouring agents helps us with external workshops + excursions in cooperation with other chairs. And the ever-growing colour archive, as a haptically tangible store of knowledge with colour and work samples as well as thematic models, provides valuable suggestions for everyone!

  Printmaking Copyright: © Ivo Mayr


The resistance of metallic etching plates has always challenged the creativity of the artists who have tried their hand at them. Vast numbers of tools for manual scratching, scribing, punching, scraping, drilling were developed, along with sophisticated chemical methods for injuring the surface by etching with acids. Metal plates are not only hard, but also patient. Picture ideas and effects develop on them in any number of stages until the plates are broken through. Each step leaves traces. That is exactly what interests us.
That sounds antiquated? We think these processes further by incorporating current technologies. Alternating and combining digital + manual tools (3D model, CAD drawing, photo exposure for image transfer, robotic engraving, vernis mou drawing, aquatint, etc.), we seek in the graphic process the tension between the meticulously controlled and the unpredictable image event in a broadly experimental space. This is our printmaking studio in the Rogowski building at Schinkelstr. 2 !