Manu Lab Copyright: © Ivo Mayr ManuLab opposite the "Baumhaus"


Faculty workshop under the direction of the Department of Visual Arts.

The ManuLab is directly opposite from the Baumhaus student workplaces.

Phone. +49 (0241) 80-95002

Workshop Supervisor:

Niklas Rahn

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00


Stationary machines: (according to joinery basic equipment) CNC milling machine, sliding table saw, band saw, dressing table, thicknesser, table milling machine, disc sander, pillar boring machine, etc. Small and hand machines: (various offer especially for general model construction) e.g. Scroll saw, jigsaw, drill drill, grinder etc.

Offer for students:

As part of the general training of architects and urban planners, the ManuLab teaches the basic technical techniques for the creation of spatial objects for the development, control and presentation of architectural design concepts. Students receive general technical information on wood and plastics processing, as well as special advice for the planning of works and models. After a manual for the independent execution of manual work, it is possible to practice and deepen these skills. Support is also provided for experimental approaches to the development of innovative designs and processing techniques.

  Manu Lab inside Copyright: © Ivo Mayr

Consultation Hours and Registration:

You can book appointments via the Moodle room "Sprechstunden Manu Lab" in the RWTHOnline event 2000036.