Portrait H. Altenmüller © Henry Oldmiller


Heinrich Altenmüller


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Teaching assignment in SoSe 2023 for course: BiG 1b


Heinrich Altenmüller studied architecture at RWTH Aachen and UGent and graduated in 2015. After working as an assistant at GUtech Oman and as a contributor at raumlabor.berlin, he joined ORG - Organization for Permanent Modernity in Brussels as an urban planner in 2016. Here he works on large and complex infrastructure projects.

In addition, he has been studying printmaking at ABKA in Anderlecht since 2019. His illustrations for Marcel Smets' book "Foundations of Urban Design" were published in 2022. 

Since 2017, he has been an occasional guest lecturer at the Department of Artistic Design, including this summer semester.