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The Department of Visual Arts at RWTH Aachen University, headed by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas H. Schmitz, the Professor of Design, Building Studies and Theory of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt Carolin Stapenhorst and the IT Center and the Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CiL) at RWTH Aachen University are collaborating to develop a new plugin in the area of cluster display for the e-learning system Moodle.

Design is a cultural practice of knowledge production and at the same time one of the central practices of architecture. Digital, networked media enable new forms of intersubjective exchange and interaction between actors and artifacts, which can promote receptive and active-creative self-learning processes to a high degree through ubiquitously available information and opinion exchange.

The web-based application for students, lecturers and professors, which is intended for teaching purposes, is conceived as an exchange platform that can be used for moderation and organisational support of student self-learning processes. Lecturers will create exercises as a grid diagram and participants in a particular exercise will be able to adjust digital artefacts according to the task at hand. Each exercise represents a sub-step of the design process. As a blended learning format, the plugin offers innovative, methodically-didactically necessary possibilities for active and receptive handling of visual artefacts and their communication, which are considered central elements of design.

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