History Relief


History Relief

Brass Relief © Heuer

For centuries, mining has shaped and shaped the history of Alsdorf. Generations worked underground and above ground. Mining was the central link of the community. With its end, the access to this legacy of the city disappeared, the tunnels were filled in, entrances were closed, and most of the buildings were demolished.

A tour of the city reveals that there is hardly any experience to experience in this history. The project "History Plate" wants to recreate this approach: bring the traces of the past back to the surface and anchor them firmly in everyday life in the city.

The paths and routes that the miners went underground every day are driven to the surface; brass medallions in the sidewalks that follow these routes reveal the vestiges of the past. It is intended to create a work of art that fits in with everyday city life. The paths that have been cut into the mountain for centuries are made visible again. Inserted into the pavement slabs, the directions of the tunnels can be read off the history plates.

The medallions show the footprint of a miner who points out the direction of the underlying coal mining route. In addition, the indication of the sole betrays the depth in which the track once ran.

The concept does not look static, but can be constantly expanded. The idea is based on participation, a lively exchange with history should take place. Citizens of the city of Alsdorf can build these landmarks on their own grounds by simply handling themselves. That way, the idea can become more and more dense. The QR code always shows the history of the currently published history plates.

So join in and follow the "forgotten paths" on a walk through Alsdorf.

Project: Art for Alsdorf 2018

Idea & Design: Christoph Heuer

Conception & realization: department of Visual Art/ RWTH Aachen University & Christoph Heuer


Project management: Axel Friedrich


  Brass Relief © Friedrich