Things from bamboo

  Bamboo materials Copyright: © Mayr

The content of the workshop course is the playful examination of the material and getting to know its structure and properties. In the process of the creative handicraft processing of a quite 'stubborn' material, the participants practice the meaningful handling of tools and creative methods.

We start with sawing, drilling, sanding, splitting ... how can bamboo be worked at all? Which possibilities of shaping, which joining techniques, which means of surface treatment are there in dealing with a material that already in its naturally grown tubular form brings with it a specific and very unique character. How do I emphasize the characteristics of bamboo through clever selection and processing, how do I abstract or contrast them?

In the end, I want to create objects for daily use. A design theme is to be developed from the overlapping of functional, ergonomic and material-specific craft conditions. This also involves the discovery and development of original, material-typical mechanical applications such as turning mechanisms, plug-in connections, clasps. Through targeted and successively refined work operations, a simultaneously natural and highly artificial object is to be created as a single form or as a series of forms.

Successful participation in two studio and workshop courses can be substituted for a BSc. elective.

Location: Sculpture studio/Wüllnerstraße
Date: Whitsun week 27.11. – 01.12.2023 | 9:00 to 17:00 |
Material fee: 25€

Location: Sculpture studio/Wüllnerstraße

Instruction in the workshop: Anne Bergerfurth