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  BW Photo Copyright: © Ivo Mayr

In the aesthetics of photography, analogue technologies are formative. But it is also valuable to deal with them in photography itself. Analogue photography represents a material antithesis to digital photography, in which the photographer always seems to have the 'programmed image' under control.

The magic of analogue photography lies in the aesthetics of the film material, in images that are 'imperfect'. Typical 'mistakes' when exposing on film, blurring, light incidence, underexposure or overexposure contribute to this. Photographing on film can be a challenge. Unlike digital image production, the photographer can only check the image after it has been developed. You can only see after the process if you have exposed too short or too long or if other 'mistakes' are affecting the photographic material. The unpredictable is a special attraction. The pinhole camera is the simplest optical device with which one can produce an image of an object.

In the context of the workshop course "SW-Laboratory", a subject is set which is to be photographed with a self-made pinhole camera. The main focus of the course is to learn how to develop black and white negatives and how to enlarge them onto photographic paper. The pinhole cameras are to be built independently. However, suggestions and building instructions will be shown in the course. By successful participation in two studio - and workshop courses, one elective can be substituted.

NEW Date:

Location: Studio Lab, 6 participants

Material contribution: 30 €

Instruction in the workshop: Ivo Mayr