Model Making

  Model making Copyright: © Friedrich

The workshop internship will focus primarily on handicraft methods of manual model making. The participants learn and deepen tried and tested ones. During the model building process, new approaches and solutions to problems can also be developed in individual cases.

The first model will be a solid model on a scale of 1/200, with the emphasis on processing and joining techniques appropriate to the material and the experimental modification of model surfaces.

The second model will be a cutaway model of the solid model on a scale of 1/50. Here, the focus will be on the degree of detailing in terms of materiality, in addition to the processing and joining techniques. In addition, it will be examined how the modifications to the surfaces in the solid model can be transferred to the cutout model to scale.

The range of modeling materials used includes, for example: Paper, cardboard, wood, metal. Various color design techniques are used to modify the model surfaces. In addition, experiments will also be conducted with changes in the structural properties of model building materials.

The models will become part of a model-making archive that will serve as inspiration and help for future students.

Successful participation in two studio and workshop courses may be substituted for an elective within the bachelor's degree program.

Location: WSA workroom 1st floor
Date: Whitsun week 30.5. - 02.06.2023 | 9:00 to 17:00 |
Material fee: 25€

Ort: WSA Arbeitsraum 1OG

Instruction in the workshop: Benedikt Baum