Studio and Workshop Courses


Studio and workshop courses on various topics of pictorial and plastic design under the direction of the Department of Visual Arts.The courses take place in different formats, on a weekly basis or as block courses. Successful participation is confirmed by a certificate of attendance. The certificate is not graded. By presenting two certificates, participants can register for an examination and have an ungraded 3 ECTS elective 'Studio and Workshop Course' recognized. You can only participate in one course per term.

  Welding Copyright: © M. Staack

Working with structural steel

Metals are a decisive element of structural engineering and architectural design. The variety of metals and their alloys can serve a wide range of tasks. A material frequently used in steel construction and in building locksmithery is the unalloyed general structural steel, whose properties are mainly determined by its carbon content. The course is an introduction to working with structural steel.

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  Bamboo materials Copyright: © A. Bergerfurth

Get to know bamboo

The content of the workshop course is the playful examination of the material bamboo in its originally grown tubular form and getting to know its structure and characteristics. Through creative processing of a material, which already in its naturally grown tube form has a specific and very own character, the participants learn the sensible handling of tools and creative methods.

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  concrete model Copyright: © B. Baum

Model Making

Architectural modelling is an essential part of the study of architecture. In addition to sketches and plans, the models serve to communicate the design idea. In contrast to two-dimensional drawings, models can be used to simulate light, shadows, spatial relationships and volumes. In the individual stages of architectural design, from working and mass models of the first design ideas to design models and presentation models, they help to visualise the design idea.

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  Photo works Copyright: © Ivo Mayr

BW Laboratory

In the aesthetics of photography the analog technologies are formative. But it is also important to deal with them in photography itself. Analogue photography represents a material antithesis to digital photography, in which the photographer apparently always has the 'programmed image' under control.

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