Smart Sketching/G&D2

  Drawing Robot with drawing Copyright: Mayr

For architects, techniques of drawing support and guide the design of space and object. Today, smart devices offer new possibilities of sketching ideas, they connect and link devices and people. They hereby offer new operations for its users: working with layers, inversion, transparencies, data collages, scalability, time travels, spatial three-dimensional drawing, pressure sensitivity and divisibility. In this block seminar we leave the perspective of the user and investigate the hardware and software of digital drawing devices in building our own drawing robot. The aim is to generate new kind of images through an unconventional approach in which operative actions and background processes are inscribed in the drawing. Characteristics are juxtaposed, de-contextualized and expanded - empirically, transgressive, comparative, dialogical, experimental. No experience in drawing or programming is required.

The seminar is conceptualized and held by the artist duo Hochschuh & Donovan.