Book Experiment Object/em

  Book object Copyright: Odine Lang

From a sheet of paper a sophisticated book object is created only by cutting and folding. A strip of paper can be transformed into a spatial structure with a wide range of variations in just a few steps.
In this course we explore experimental forms from book design, an artistic playing field with influences from different areas such as origami, paper engineering with pop-up elements or packaging design. In addition to our own practice, the special art genre of artists' books will be presented using examples of international artists.
This course introduces basic paper techniques and presents simple basic forms as well as unusual variations and invites experimentation. The material paper allows for spontaneous experimentation as well as the planned development of a form.
Even with free forms, the book remains our reference point as a three-dimensional, movable object. Through the folding technique, the way pages are connected or certain joints, even experimental paper objects refer to bookbinding techniques.

Course times: Wednesdays form 9am to 12am

Leader of the course: Odine Lang, artist M.A.