Upcycling Court/B4

  wall repaired Copyright: Schmitz

In the upcycling yard in Aachen North, the aim is to fight against the short existence of goods, to treat them (comparable to sick people in a hospital) and to breathe "life" into them again. According to the principles: "Repairing is better than recycling, repairing teaches construction, repairing saves money, repairing protects the environment" things should be patched, repaired, extended, renewed, cleaned, maintained or, if necessary, disassembled into individual parts for new goods and archived. It is about ways of analysis and diagnosis, repair, raw materials and distribution. The upcycling yard is to become a cultural place - a department store of creative action - where the knowledge of experience and repair comes to the fore and material, technical things are brought back to life.

We are looking for a new architectural typology that offers spatial solutions to the social problem of resource shortage. Waste should be avoided and culture should be created. Because: "Repairing does not only concern the technical, but also the cultural and the social. Repairing stabilizes the relations between thing and user and between thing and society" (Orr 1996). The aim is to establish the principle of value creation instead of waste in Aachen. To this end, local and global knowledge practices are to be bundled and the empirical knowledge of craft reworking and re-assembling is to be thematised and spatialised in the design. The spatial programme also includes the aspect of cultural education, i.e. in addition to workshops, storage, café and offices, space for information, exhibition and course programme will be created.


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