Visual arts 1b/G&D1

  Sketch of folded paper © KG

This course will expand and deepen the goals from the previous semester. After trying out methods of perception and representation, the focus is now on how we thematize and focus on drawings in order to grasp and use them in terms of content.

We start with the realization that architecture must be experienced in real confrontation -with all the senses. The development of a 'culture of being on the way' serves the purposeful confrontation with significant and anonymous architectural works and ideas in their respective context. These are to be processed pictorially in a personally designed sketchbook. Here we also focus on the development of a personal, spontaneous sign language, an increased intensity of perception and a recognizable, personal point of view and interpretation.

It is thus about the creative spatiotemporal comprehension of urban spaces | streets | squares | spatial sequences | typologies | gestalt orders | performative actions in the pictorial translation and abstraction. But it is also about an approach and critical examination of topics and issues relevant to architecture, such as atmosphere | light | breaks | sensitive (un)places in city + landscape | colors | textures. For the thematic focus of drawings, methodological experiments are also pursued: e.g. change of perspective from the imagination | deconstruction | x-raying/seeing | radical abstraction | schema | painterly experiments | creative alienation | writing-in-picture | serial work | aspect seeing. The course is accompanied by a 6-part lecture series on the topics: Aspect Vision | Content and Form | Serial Work | Before Nature.1 + .2 | Blur.

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Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz  Sina Hensel  Yü Chen  Olga Cobuscean  Adrian Fischer Anja Neuefeind