Floor Relief/EM

  Grain Copyright: © Tschauner

Re-forming pavement surfaces as relief and pattern.

The basis of the seminar is an investigation of urban floors with a focus on pattern and relief, material and texture. Familiar urban surfaces, such as cobblestones, exposed aggregate slabs, bone stones, the so-called uni-wave, cobblestones, grass pavers, etc., serve as inspiration. Recessed and raised structures on sidewalks and parking lots give reason to think about the designed, urban ground as a relief. The design of the relief to be developed and the division of the individual elements should be oriented towards any methods of creating colored patterns; across disciplines we will deal with references of tile patterns, knitting patterns, colored repeats in the clothing industry, wallpaper, mosaic, parquet, and much more.

Beginning with research in the urban environment, the basics of the special shaping and processing of the material are collected on the basis of photos, sketches, rubbings, and knock-off molds. Parallel to this, sketches and designs are to be developed based on the methods of rapport, which relate to the multi-part floor object to be designed. The overall composition developed from this will be transferred into a unified form-material statement using traditional hand tools and machinery via our material 'cast stone'. The results result both from the choice of combined colors, as well as from the developed strategies of material processing: material-homogeneous or in the material changing structure mixtures.

Date: White week + some dates on Wednesdays | 13:00 - 16:00 hrs |

Supervisor: Mirko Tschauner, Prof. Thomas Schmitz