Interpenetration spaces ceramic/G&D2

  Ceramic Object Copyright: © Friedrich

Almost any shape can be created with clay, which is then fired to create ceramics. The construction of a ceramic sculpture is similar to the construction of solid architecture. Statics and design must speak a common language in order to merge into a composition.

Interpenetration and intersection: Ceramic hollow forms whose volumes interpenetrate or whose walls are intersected share common spaces and forms. Such interpenetrating spaces and forms created by fusion are sometimes very complex and difficult to imagine - precisely therein lies the exciting approach of generating entirely new forms through a combination of experimenting, constructing and planning that we would not be able to imagine through our imagination alone. In the process, not least, the spatial imagination is further developed.

In the studio we work with different clays, the resulting objects are fired in a special ceramic kiln after the end of the lecture and a drying phase of several weeks.

Location: Sculpture studio/Wüllnerstraße
Material fee: Basic fee 25 €, depending on the effort, additional costs may arise individually.
Date: Thursdays | 2:30 - 5:30 pm

Betreuer: Axel Friedrich Prof. Thomas Schmitz