Reiff Hack/EM

  Tools on a table Copyright: © A. Neuefeind

Reiff Hack represents a blended learning project of the Faculty of Architecture. The project handles the conception, collection and provision of short practice films - so-called ‘life hacks’ for the study of architecture. The films show manual practices from the study of architecture. For this purpose, students create videos with practical tips and tricks from architecture for other students. The Reiff Hacks offer the possibility to profit from the knowledge of others, to contact them and to provide knowledge for ‘learning by doing’ themselves. The project pursues the aim to learn and convey the importance of manual practices in the field of architecture, to collect existing knowledge, to secure it and to keep it alive as an open source (cf. YouTube channel of the Student Council Architecture - in dialogue with other interested people. The videos extend the support of the practically oriented teaching of workshops and practical seminars of the faculty.

Equipment can be rented or provided for the production of the films: Camera, light, microphone, editing suite (in library of the Department of Visual Arts). If possible, access to the workshops, studios and labs of Department of Visual Arts.

Submission: Conception, film - and sound recording as well as post-production of a 'hack'.

Deadline: Wednesdays 13:30 - 16:00 | ZOOM and by arrangement individual appointments in studios and workshops.

Credits: 3 CP

Lecturer: Christina Klug Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz