Shells/ Open Design Project

  Design of a theater space Copyright: © KG

Our experience teaches us that buildings, in addition to fulfilling their dedicated functions, always produce effects. The philosopher Gernot Böhme has called these 'atmospheres'. These can only be felt being physically present. They tune us by their appearance, by their physical, real shape and charisma, which - unlike geometric, constructive or economic aspects - cannot be quantified in a measurable way. If we want to design phenomena that are only felt subliminally, bodily sensed, then logically we also need a specific dispositive of tools + media for the of designing. That is why in this project we will work mainly with artifacts that are real: Models drawings, collages, mixed media, colors. They all create effects immediately physically energetic, also through the unfiltered, subjective 'handwriting' of individual working methods.

In a sequence of impromptu short drafts, objects/spaces are designed, which - in the border area of art and architecture - explore the themes of 'hermitage' (time-experience), 'soundbody' (space vs. music) and 'housing for a favorite object' (model-like + scale) into synaesthetically experienceable, space-plastic enclosures. The focus of this overall experimental series of works is the interaction of space as dimension, proportion
composition, with materiality as joining, texture, color, mass, optical properties, with light as modulated energy, as volume, as movement and with people and things as actors.

The project promotes the development of an artistic-design attitude towards substantial architectural and design issues. It culminates in a modular installation, which will be presented to the public at the foyer of the faculty.

Workshop-Support (Farbe + Raum, Holz, Modellbau)

Prof.Thomas Schmitz

René Kersting