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  Art-Game Deaconball | 1997 Copyright: © Axel Friedrich Art-Game Deaconball | 1997

The goal of the city of Aachen is to make the city center more attractive for children and young people beyond the classic playgrounds and to ensure tangible added value on site in real space - an increase in the quality of stay for this target group.

Playing on equipment, e.g. on the playground, is usually without purpose. It develops out of the interaction with the spatial and material setting, initially without fixed rules that go beyond the directly apparent play functions. You can play with this equipment mostly alone, but in a group it often becomes a game of rules or a competition - the rules are based on the conditions of the equipment, but they are then invented by the group itself. There are many types of playground equipment that can be categorized (rotating playground equipment, spring bouncers, sand and water games, etc.). It seems like everything already exists - why look for something new...?

Children find play opportunities that adults would never think of. Artists have also consistently come up with unusual play equipment that is often much more in line with children's imaginations and free-spirited play styles than conventional equipment designed by product designers, for example.

Your task: explore urban spaces, open, hidden, unused places, gaps, left behind, where you can imagine starting points for conspiratorial playful actions and devices. In weekly, experimental studio work with appropriate materials, develop a model solution that turns this place into a sculptural play environment and at the same time preserves or reinforces its 'genius loci'.

* In cooperation with the city of Aachen and with the chair GBL.

Weekly Tuesdays | 09:30 - 12:30 h | Sculptor's Studio/Wüllnerstraße

Material fee: 25 €

Supervisor: Axel Friedrich, Prof. Thomas Schmitz