scratch, etch, print_repeat/WF

  Etching Copyright: © KGYu Chen

The resistance of metallic etching plates has always challenged the creativity of the artists who have tried their hand at them. Legions of tools have been developed for manual scratching, scribing, punching, scraping, drilling, as well as sophisticated chemical methods for damaging the surface with acids. Metal plates are not only hard, but also patient. Image ideas develop in minimalist or radical stages, even repetitively, and each step leaves traces. We want to explore this together.

By alternating and combining digital and manual tools (3D model, CAD drawing, photo exposure for image transfer vs. engraving, vernis mou, aquatint, mezzo-tinto, sugar ink, sandpaper, sand, wax, etc...) we seek the tension between the meticulously controlled and the totally unpredictable image event in the graphic process. All this is to be captured simultaneously on several plates in series of test prints.

As a pictorial question, we investigate possibilities of representing spaces or spatial effects in a broadly defined experimental framework.

Dates: Fridays 2 weekly / Groups A/B)

Yu Chen I Anja Neuefeind I Univ. Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz