Drawing Field Trip Rotterdam/WF

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A new beginning: What we had been doing with great intensity during our big summer drawing excursions to really foreign places came to a temporary and abrupt end in March 2020, just before we were about to leave for Yerevan in Armenia. Since then, we have learned to make choices about travel. We may even have learned to experience the obvious as the strange. And we have had the opportunity to take a closer look, where in times of allegedly unlimited possibilities we have carelessly overlooked many things. But even in our 'exotic' destinations it was always about exploring a place as 'terra incognita' and to see the natural and architectural environment of other people with new eyes and in a different light! Why not do the same at a place near us? The crucial thing for us, after all, is to finally go out together again and inspire and be inspired by each other while drawing in an exciting place. That's one of the pillars of teaching KüG. Many of the younger students don't know this because community and closeness suddenly became 'incredibly dangerous' in an unknown pandemic situation.
We can't make up for everything, but we are starting again now. Drawing-without-ending, perception in a much broader sense, as a (self-)reassurance in relation to what surrounds and interests us. Directly confronting ourselves physically with a place in our own doing, so that things really emerge in our consciousness.


Termin 03.–12. Juni | Informationen zur Anmeldung bei der Infoveranstaltung.

Infoveranstaltung Online 02. März 2022 | 16:00

Yü Chen | Thomas H. Schmitz