Code for Production/WF

  Screenshot © Vesela Tabakova

Digital technologies expand the possibilities of handicraft production techniques and change the perspective on traditional design methods. The elective introduces the basics of parametric modeling and addresses the manufacturing process as part of the design task. 

Within the seminar we dedicate ourselves to the ornament and deepen the topics geometry, pattern, joining and materialization. Parametrically developed forms become 3-dimensional structures through programmed arrangements. Complex modules are created, which can be converted into 2-dimensional objects using operators within the programming environment. These can serve as basis for the production of CNC
Laser-/Cutter- file. 

The seminar is structured in such a way that the basics of the programming environment (Grasshopper) are taught on the basis of various predefined exercise packages - and then own designs are tested with the help of the developed instructions. In teamwork, the own design is then edited as a CNC laser/cutter file. The subsequent production takes place in the ManuLab of the Faculty of Architecture.

The goal is to expand one's own "construction kit" of modular design principles and to produce 3-dimensional ornaments that would be impossible - or difficult - to implement without an algorithmic calculation basis. 

Date: Fridays 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. 
Material fee: not applicable. Materials for CNC laser cutting will be purchased by the participants.

Vesela Tabakova   Christina Klug   Prof. Thomas Schmitz