Sculpture from field-fired bricks/WF

  field-fired bricks © Paulo César Santos

Field-fired bricks are traditionally made from clay or loam in a process of molding, drying, and
firing. The wet-molded and air-dried raw brick is fired without a fixed kiln in a specially constructed 
without a fixed kiln in a specially constructed kiln by firing coal or wood. The starting material, firing temperature 
and construction of the kiln have an influence on the quality of the bricks. 
A video of the Rhineland Regional Council presents the classical method as an educational film from the series 
"Old crafts in the Rhineland" in detail. The video is the model for the production of the field-fired bricks in the 
within the framework of the seminar. 

At the beginning of the seminar, each participant creates a draft of a sculpture that will later be built. 
to be built. While the traditional field-fired bricks also follow traditional proportions, the own production of the bricks offers 
making your own bricks offers a unique opportunity to follow your own proportions and design parameters. The manufacture of the bricks and construction of the sculptures will take place at the Steinhof Studio Chair of Artistic Design at Reiff. The construction of the pile as well as the firing takes place on the clay building site Schurzelter Straße. The material processing, the construction of the pile and also the firing are designed as collective group processes.

Weekly Thursdays | 10:00 - 13:00 h | Steinatelier/Steinhof Reiff | Course start: 20.05.23
Material contribution: 25 €

Mirko Tschauner  Prof. Thomas Schmitz