Your Generation !/WF M.Sc.

  Photo © Ivo Mayr / Midjourney

For a long time, there has been an unnoticed exchange among human and non-human beings. With the advent of ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E2 and Supermachine, not only our everyday life changes, but also our art. In the seminar we explore the inclusion of 'intelligent agents' in our artistic creation process. We create visual and linguistic prompts, explore alone and in groups generative forms of communication and production and transfer them into new formats of artistic practices. ‘Generate Response' also refers to a dialogical creative process that becomes part of our question-answer games. We take up deviations, blurs and irritations, they shape our decision-making but also our questions, which always have to be differentiated and individualized.

On the basis of hybrid actions and reactions, we design spaces of action, reflect on narratives, situations and emotions that emerge together and transfer them as a 1:1 installation into spaces of the Reiff. Language will become a component of the dialogical work alongside the pictorial parts of the work. The aim is to expand, expose, entertain and (dis-) illude the discourse on the basis of the results.

Partner work is possible.

Hannah Groninger Ivo Mayr