Visual Acts/FF

  Scetches mimic and gesture Copyright: Kim

The objects of investigation of the research module are multimodal, drawing and modelling actions that emerge in the context of design. We will deal with the question to what extent pictorial actions that are processual and performative play a role in the aesthetic practice of visualizing ideas. It is about visual possibilities of expression, which we also reflect as a physical - a kinetic language.

Module 1: In addition to dealing with theoretical texts on design science, we also focus on practice: noting spaces, drawing situations, modelling ideas. We use this reflection, which takes place theoretically and practically, as a basis for developing our own questions.

Module 2 : Depending on the question we develop in Module 1, notation and drawing techniques are used in a second block, motion capture systems or the head-mounted display system installed in our drawing room, which was previously used exclusively in the Virtual Sketching course. We build individual research setups and conduct experiments in them.

The task will be to define the recording situation together with methodology and data evaluation depending on the question and to run through a separate "research project" in module 2. We reflect to what extent the recording or image medium inscribes itself into the visual image actions and how materiality and tools become relevant.

Lecturers: Hannah Groninger, Univ.-Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz