table and tablet with tools Copyright: Neuefeind

'Reiff-Hack' is a blended learning project of the faculty and contains a collection of short practical films, so-called Life Hacks. The planned films, made by students for students, are intended to deal with manual practices of studying architecture and in particular to support the creative development of ideas.The films offer the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of others, to contact them and to provide knowledge for 'learning by doing'. The growing collection is connected with the goal of educating and conveying the value of manual practices in the field of architecture, collecting and securing existing knowledge and keeping it alive as open source in dialogue with other interested parties.

The following equipment is provided for the production of the films to be made within the impromptu: Camera, light, microphone, editing suite (in the library of the Department of Visual Arts).

Deliverables: independent conception, film + sound recordings, as well as postproduction of the Life Hacks.

Supervisors: Christina Klug Hannah Groninger Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz