We Clay! 3D-Printed Structures/RM

  3D-Printed Structures of clay Copyright: Lena Herpell, Patricia Zekorn

In the SS2020, the department offers in cooperation with the Chair of Structures and Structural Design a research seminar (Forschungsfeld) on the topic of '3D-Printed Structures' with ceramics. The technical properties and possibilities of plastic ceramic materials are explored with regard to their relevance for new applications in architecture.

We will focus on digital design experiments and optimizations (Rhino), as well as the actual manufacturing process (Delta WASP). From the design to the final production, the students develop a prototype component, considering efficient and innovative strategies in the field of additive manufacturing. The aim is to further exploit the potential of digital design and manufacture in its creative scope within the module. As with manual handling, digital tools require a broad range of experience in practical shaping methods and processes. In this seminar, the explored question is how ceramics can take on new forms of design by means of digital process developments, taking into account its dynamic material properties.

Material contribution and entrance fee: 35 euros per student

Appointments: Thursdays 14:30 – 16:00, Room 129 (Trako)

Tutors: M. Sc. Christina Klug (K:G), M. Sc. Dana Saez (Trako)