Living Colour/EM

  living colors Copyright: © Hensel

In this course we explore the sensual qualities of colour and their integration into spatio-temporal interventions. Similar to an alchemical laboratory, an experimental and application-oriented approach is taken here, which allows us to explore the properties and reactions of different processes and to record them in research journals.

Beginning with an exercise on the 'texture' of coloured surfaces, followed by experiments on organic colours generated from algae and plants and the installative application of these colours as interventions in space, we will gradually approach several dimensions of colours. The various workshops will introduce the production of colours from pigments with binders, working with different painting bases, auxiliary materials and application tools. Starting from traditional techniques for obtaining paint to the exploration of new and sustainable sources of colour, we will continue to reflect on the creative potential of biodegradable, transforming colours.

All exercises serve as a basis for joint discussion in the compulsory colloquia central to this seminar. There, practical experiences will be exchanged and put in relation to the haptically perceptible results of the works.

Supervisors: Sina Hensel Anja Neuefeind Univ.Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz