Sound Makes Space /WF MSc.

  Soundscapes in Barcelona. © Llorca-Bofí

This course teaches the basics of acoustic design in urban architecture in order to create comfortable and accessible spaces for communication purposes as part of a holistic design. It introduces the physical principles of propagation, reflection and perception of sound in architectural spaces and how they can be designed. The course allows students to come into contact with different soundscapes, urban areas, spaces, materials and sources and to develop small design exercises where sound is the dominant argument for the design of urban spaces. In parallel, the course develops a design to improve the urban soundscape in the city.

Dates: Mondays | 13:30 - 15:30 | first meeting: Sculpture studio, Wüllnerstraße| All-purpose room 1st floor

Dr. Josep Llorca-Bofi   Prof. Thomas Schmitz