Sculpture and Statics/EM

  Sculpture of stone Copyright: © Tschauner

Both the conception and the elaboration of a stone sculpture place special demands on the sculptor. The inherent weight of the material and the interacting weights of interrelated formal elements and constellations form complex relationships of forces within the sculptural composition that the sculptor must deal with: If he wants to create not only monolithic-archaic sculptures, but openworked, spatial, or even filigree structures of complex order, which are perhaps even intended to suggest movement or motion, the static conception is a decisive basis of the design - a composition develops as a combination of supporting, weight-bearing and bearing form elements. Abstract forms are used, which means that no representational depictions are used.

In sculpture, instead of the term static, the term tectonics (from the Greek τέκτων, builder) is rather used; this refers to the highlighting and clarification of constructive elements and structures of sculpture.

In the seminar, small-format abstract limestone sculptures are developed using the techniques of classical sculpture. Starting with pencil sketches, the design is concretised via a 1:1 clay model and its plaster cast. The plaster cast serves as a template for transferring the form into the stone. The sculpture will be handcrafted using the techniques of traditional stone working with hand tools.

Location: Stone studio/Reiff

Date: Thursdays | 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Mirko Tschauner Prof. Thomas Schmitz