Visual Acts: facial expression and gestures/FF


Visual Acts: facial expression and gestures/FF

Drawing 2 faces to hands Copyright: © K:G Johann Kim

We address the question of how far visual acts that are processual and performative play a role in the aesthetic practice of making ideas visible. It is about visual means of expression, which we also reflect as a physical - a kinetic language. Emotionality and physical means of expression as non-verbal communication with the help of recording gestures, looks and facial expressions are to be used specifically for drawing processes and form-giving procedures.

Module 1: In addition to examining theoretical texts on design science, we will devote ourselves to practice: after an introductory workshop, the aim is to make gestures and facial expressions consciously tangible. We note social interactions and generate data of different communication processes. We use this theoretical and practical examination as a basis for developing our own questions.
Module 2: In a second block of research, we will go to the Motion Capture Lab to record gestures accompanying speeches in the Natural Media Lab (Univ.Prof. Irene Mittelberg). With the help of a specially made Grasshop-per plug-in, the resulting data will be made visible, animated and, if necessary, 3D printed.
The task will be to define the recording situation together with methodology and data evaluation depending on the question and to go through our own "research project" in Module 2. We will reflect on the extent to which the recording or image medium inscribes itself in the visual image actions and how materiality and tools become relevant in the process.

Funded by the Curriculum 4.0 programme within the project "Hybrid Thinking Tools".
Technical support: Tobias Heimig

Hannah Groninger Univ.-Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz