Smart Sketching/EM

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For architects today, the task of drawing is less about representation and more about supporting and guiding the thinking and designing of space and object. Today, smart devices open up new possibilities for sketching ideas, instrumentally networking people and other tools as general-purpose tools. They offer different options for users: e.g. Ctrl-Z, working in layers, reflections, transparencies, data col- layers, scalability, capturing the time factor, spatial 3-D drawing, pressure sensitivity, divisibility. The resulting works remain as digital data sets in the virtual: their output formats into the real lack certain sensual qualities that are often very important for the stimulation of creative, intuitive thinking.
In the block seminar, we explore the hardware and software of digital drawing devices in the construction of a drawing robot.
The aim is to generate different images through an unconventional approach, in which operative actions and background processes are inscribed in the image. Media characteristics will be elaborated, de-contextualised and expanded in relation to each other - empirically, transgressively, comparatively, dialogically, experimentally.

The seminar is led by the artist duo Hochschuh & Donovan.

Date: Block event during the lecture-free period (beginning of February).
Introduction date see RWTHOnlin