Visual note taking TUHambach/Impromptu

  Photo © raumlaborberlin

Visual note taking / Graphical recording / sketch notes. The craft of graphic notation is not new, but in our academic-text-oriented world it has been pushed far into the background. The graphical recording of a dialog offers the possibility of a quick information reproduction of complex contexts. At the same time it can be further interpreted and edited immediately. 

In the context of the TUHambach we want to practice and expand our skills in graphic notation. Workshops around the transformation processes of the open pit will be accompanied with pen, paper and iPads. The focus will be on a spatial kind of notation. We then want to collage these notes together and think further in a large-scale panorama on site. 

The panorama will be edited in the TUHambach venue (new Merzenich) by all participants of the TUHambach (students, pupils,residents,daycare children, employees, protesters....) and orchestrated by us. 

Compact impromptu 19.06-23.06 on site in neu Merzenich

Yü Chen   Prof. Thomas Schmitz