Transformative Objects/WF

  Transformative objects Copyright: © C. Klug

This elective course focuses on the structural possibilities for transformable additively manufactured geometries. The developed systems are constructed in such a way that they can reversibly shift into at least one further shape. The main topics discussed are 'Smart Materials', 'Programmable Materials' and structural systems, such as 'Auxetics'. Considerations of sensory control of 'Transformative Objects' expand the spectrum of possible use cases in architecture and design.

Technical systems composed out of smart materials are becoming more and more relevant in mechanical applications and objects of daily use. The course investigates on the one hand the structural aspects of transformative structures, and on the other hand the relevance of the material for the manufacturing process and the special design qualities of these artifacts. In groups of two, 'transformative objects' are additively manufactured by fused deposition modeling (FDM) using different printable materials (e.g., composite, TPU, nylon, PLA). The objects can transform their shape due to their structural and material parameters. The opportunities for play with found and developed composites will become part of a collection of intelligent material systems.

Material contribution: 20 euros per student

Dates: Fridays 11:00 - 12:30

Christina Klug Vesela Tabakova Prof. Thomas Schmitz