Structure and Movement in Folded Objects/WF

  Paper object - movable Copyright: © O. Lang

Paper surrounds us as an everyday material, but it also offers special possibilities for creating shapes. Its special qualities make it interesting for two-dimensional, but also for three-dimensional applications. Because as soon as a sheet of paper is folded, a three-dimensional structure is created. Folds can not only structure the originally flat surface, but also stabilize it, stabilize it and make it moveable in defined directions. This is because folds are always also joints at which paper is moved.

In this workshop we will explore the specific possibilities of forming 3D structures out of the plane material paper. We will mainly use the manual technique of folding. Paper structures will be developed that allow for specific curvatures as well as changes in shape through movement and bending. We use modular folds as well as texturing folds. Supplementary cuts or sewings could be used, but no gluing.

Based on the fundamentals of material science and manual paper techniques, we develop our own structures and forms with object character. We will explore these in series of variations and on an elaborated model to show the aesthetic and technical possibilities of flexible surface design.

Material contribution: 10 euros per student

Dates: Wednesdays 14:00 - 16:00

Odine Lang Prof. Thomas Schmitz