Play sculpture for Adolf pit/WF

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The mining monument Grube Adolf in Herzogenrath-Merkstein is an area around the winding engine house of the former Adolf colliery, the only remaining building on the site.
A "miner's playground" is a popular local destination. Here, in addition to conventional playground equipment, there are in particular large machine parts from mining history, some of which have been converted into seating or playground equipment. A special play sculpture is desired for the playground that refers to the mining tradition and adds a small attraction to the place.

We explore the area and look for local and narrative starting points for play sculptures. In weekly, experimental studio work, the participants will develop model solutions with appropriate materials that will turn this place into a sculptural play environment. Parallel to the design work, we deal with basic safety issues around playground equipment in public spaces.

Weekly Thursdays | 09:00 - 12:00 h | Sculpture studio/Wüllnerstraße
Material fee: 25 €

Axel Friedrich Prof. Thomas Schmitz