B4 Zinkhütter Hof


Module: Project B4. 15 CP. B.Sc. 2019

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Prof. Sabine Brück, Pas van de Pol, Hannah Groninger, Lisa-Sophie Winklhofer

In cooperation with the teaching and research field of Building Planning and Realization

Historicum - Stolberg City Archive at the Zinkhütter Hof

Regional context: Hard coal, as well as the mining of zinc and iron ore, shaped the image of the town of Stolberg for many years. Today it is therefore called the copper town. The Zinkhütter Hof is a well-preserved complex dating from the 1830s - the early phase of euregional industrialisation. The former glassworks and the ensemble, now converted into a museum, consist of the historic buildings production hall, workers' apartments and administration villa. Currently, the Zinkhütter Hof is in the limelight of Aachen's urban region. The integration of the widely visible "Zincoli chimney" as well as a new building for the city archive are planned as part of the programme: "Home. Future. North Rhine-Westphalia - We promote what unites people", the Zinkhütter Hof will be given a new radiance.


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