B4 E-Service Station


Module: Project B4. 15CP B.Sc. 2018

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Prof. Fred Humble, Hannah Groninger, Adria Daraban, Dasha Kuletzkaya

In cooperation with the teaching and research field of Building Planning and Realization.

As part of individual and motor vehicle traffic, gas stations have always been phenomena of their time. Slogans like "Gasoline for millions", "Pillars of freedom", "Stations of lifestyle" or "Buildings in the age of their reproducibility" shape the history of this modern myth. We know them all, these regularly occurring supply units for SUPER or NORMAL, which as a city and landmark usually convey a certain corporate design. Roofs, supports and islands - in the space between place and non-place - serve the recurring daily and nightly fueling scenes as an architectural order structure and organize the arrival, energy supply, toilet use and departure of one's mobile companion.

Fuel stations are places of modernity, mobility, vision, 24-hour service and consumption. Has the previous concept, which relied on fossil fuels and was dominated by oil companies, become obsolete as a toxic place?

What is the fuel oasis of the future? What is its sound, its smell, its rhythm, its appearance, its material, its atmosphere? Who are its actors? What is their spatio-temporal experience?