B4 Upcycling Yard


Module: Project B4. 15 CP. B.Sc. 2020

Lecturer: Univ.-Prof. Thomas H. Schmitz, Univ.-Prof. Sabine Brück, Hannah Groninger, Rene Kersting, Dasha Kuletskaya

In cooperation with the Department of Construction Planning and Realization.

In the Upcycling Hof in Aachen North, the short existence of goods is to be fought against. In the sense of the principles: "Repairing is better than recycling, repairing teaches constructing, repairing saves money, repairing protects the environment" things are to be patched, repaired, extended, renewed, cleaned, maintained or if necessary disassembled into individual parts for new goods and archived. It is about ways of analysis and diagnosis, repair, commodity and distribution. The Upcycling Hof is to become a cultural place - a department store of creative action - where the knowledge of experience and repair comes to the fore and material, technical things are brought back to life.