M2 Structure and Ornament


Ergänzendes Modul Structure and Ornament 3D

Module: Ergänzendes Modul. 3 CP M.Sc. 2018

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Lisa-Sophie Winklhofer

In an analytical and experimental series of studies, the inherent laws of structure and ornamentation - the elements, the playing fields, the rules, and the spatial and temporal dimensions are examined. In relation to references from art and architecture, structures are developed from simple regular spatial systems to increasingly complex ones.

The results are analysed and classified and evaluated in terms of their architectural, spatial and ornamental quality. They will be brought into contexts of scale, and the possibilities of hierarchizing structures in terms of architectural design will be discussed. Manual and digital techniques in dealing with different materials will be tested as well as their regularities with regard to construction and their optical, haptic effects.


M2 Structure and Ornament

Module: M 2.1 Project 15CP M.Sc. 2017-18

Lecturers: Univ. Prof. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Univ. Prof. Hartwig N. Schneider, Sophie Schulten, Jakob Dürr, Manuel André Dornhege

In cooperation with the Department of Building Construction.

Publication: Struktur und Ornament. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz. 2020