Space Body Design


Module: Research module. 3 CP M.Sc.

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Schmitz, Hannah Groninger, Horst Sieprath

The research module 'Space, Body, DeSign' and 'signcreative' are funded by Stifterverband NRW. 2016

Our everyday life, our communication, the study of architecture are accompanied by a seemingly infinite world of images that can be called up at any time. Every day we consume them as digital consumers. The research module 'Space, Body, DeSign' focuses on the production of images that do not require the use of an external medium - images and spaces that are produced and communicated solely through our gestures, posture and facial expressions.

Part 1 of the block event is a workshop with Horst Sieprath (deaf sign language trainer) in which elements of visual-spatial sign language are taught especially for students of architecture. Mental ideas can be embodied, positioned directly in real space, dimensioned and thus understood. Part 2 is the independent use of the teaching and learning platform signcreative (, which is currently under construction. With the help of online e-learning media, translation processes from one visual language to another are carried out playfully. The aim is - in a changing knowledge society - to train visual thinking and above all the spatial imagination through the physical production and understanding of images and spaces.