Forest Lab


Module: Wahlmodul. 3 CP M.Sc. 2019

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Prof. Dr. Frank Lohrberg, Joost Meyer.

Excursion to the Waldlabor Köln: 21. - 25.5.2019

In cooperation with the chair of landscape architecture.

The perception of the forest is subject to constant change. This excursion turns the literal walking in the forest into an immersion into the connections between culture and nature using the example of the Wandelwald in the Forest Lab Cologne. Under the simplest of conditions, the forest workshop is set up on site, where work, discussion and living takes place.

Visible, aesthetic interventions in the local tree population are possible in a radically or minimally invasive way. In the interaction of ecological, economic and cultural aspects, the forest can be read and worked on as a living space and living room, as an abstract space or as a sculpture. By cutting, sawing, weaving and bending, by thinning and compacting, by peeling, carving and other interventions in the existing forest, new landscape-architectural spaces and perspectives are created, which make the complexity of the subject visible. The "hands on approach" stimulates processes of action and thinking that strengthen a conscious, reflected handling of our environment and natural resources from an aesthetic point of view.

More information about the research of the Institute of Landscape Architecture Waldlabor.

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