Experimental lab: 35mm


Experimental photography

Experimental lab: 35mm

Module: Wahlmodul. 3 CP B.Sc. 2019-2020

Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Schmitz, Carolin Lange

Experimental lab: colour negative film

Module: Stegreif. 1,5 CP M.Sc. 2018-19

Lecturer: Univ.-Prof. Thomas Schmitz, Carolin Lange

In this seminar we focused on the experimental examination of the material and the medium of colour film photography: the colour negative film and its camera. The motif of the photographs is the camera and the colour film itself. Through free experimentation we investigate the interaction of light, lens and film. The shot with the camera is only one element of the entire image process. Because digitalisation also offers possibilities for further modifications. The aim is to consciously use the effects gained through the experiment to bring the material and process of image creation 'into the picture'.

The seminar is dedicated to the following topics in individual projects:

  • the unconventional use of film cameras.
  • the construction of rudimentary pinhole cameras, stubborn filters and alternative capturing devices.
  • the camera-less capture of colour film.