Experimental lab: Cyanotype


Experimental Photography

Module: Stegreif. 1,5 CP M.Sc. 2016-2017

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Schmitz, Carolin Lange

For this course we will go back to the origins of the blueprint and use the historical photographic technique of cyanotype. The focus of this course is thus the analogue photographic contact print. The cyanotype, also known as blue or solar printing, develops a hue of Prussian blue depending on the sunlight. Strategies of the photogram, as well as digitally produced negatives, are included in this process, in order to create experimentally abstract image spaces with the help of sunlight. The aim is to explore the sometimes unpredictable pictorial aesthetics freely through experiment and coincidence and to translate them into a coherent and creatively condensed photographic series. In doing so, almost forgotten practices and play forms of analogue photography are experienced and applied in independently developed projects.