Experimental lab:black and white


Experimental Photography

Module: Stegreif. 1,5 CP M.Sc. 2010-2018

Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Tobias Becker, Carolin Lange

Publication: SW-Forschungslabor: 2010-2015. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Tobias Becker. 2017

For this course, we are transforming our own black and white photo lab into an 'experimental lab'. The focus is on analogue photo technology. In independently developed projects, the aim is to get to know almost forgotten practices and forms of photography in free experimentation. Thus we are thematically concerned with the possibilities of spatially acting light deflections. For this purpose, various everyday materials are brought into a three-dimensional arrangement in order to develop an independent abstract pictorial aesthetic. In the cameraless contact process we discover the play of light and 'experimental setup', partly unpredictable image aesthetics, free by experiment and coincidence.