We Clay! 2019


We Clay! Lightweight Structures

Module: Research module. 3 CP M.Sc. 2019

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Heinrich Schmitz, Prof. Martin Trautz, Christina Klug, Dana Saez.

In cooperation with the Department of Structures and Structural Design.

Nature offers a great potential of inspiration for the optimization of additive structures. We investigate this potential in ceramics. We are exploring the technical properties and possibilities of ceramic materials with regard to their applicability for new and innovative building applications in architecture.

In nature, structured cellular organizations work more efficiently and consume fewer resources. These serve as models for our case studies to develop own design strategies. The workflow of the seminar includes reference analysis (both analog and digital), design experiments and optimization (Rhino + Grasshopper), and actual manufacturing (Delta WASP 2040). The goal of the course is to develop a prototypical lightweight structure from design to final manufacturing. The structure should be additive and manufactured with digital production techniques in ceramics (dimensions max. 20x40cm).