Colour Lab


Module: Wahlpflichtmodul / Wahlmodul. 3 CP M.Sc.

Lecturers: Prof. Thomas Schmitz, Anja Neuefeind

In this course, an application-oriented approach will be pursued, which focuses on architectural and artistic interventions with the medium of colour in space. In a series of four exercises, several dimensions of the experience of colored spaces will be investigated step by step and the respective observations will be applied in practical exercises. Starting with colour analyses and freely developed colour "portraits" of concrete interior and exterior spaces, through the handling and conscious colour composition with the natural colours of things, to colour spaces arranged in models, a basic vocabulary in the sensitised handling of colour in space is developed and tested. These exercises are enriched by a three-day workshop, the "colour kitchen". This workshop offers an introduction to the production of paints from pigments with different binders as well as working with a selection of different painting bases/auxiliaries and application tools.