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  architectural sketch Copyright: © Morus Utopia 1516

Panorama | Archaeologies of the Present M2.1b

The goal of M2.1b Project is to design a panorama as a structural ensemble within the region of the Hambach open pit mine. In doing so, we are aware that the architecture of a panorama is first of all the structural construct behind the actual panorama, which is a real or medially staged, static or dynamic 'Geschautes'. It is thus substantially linked to the conception of this 'seen'.

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  Map of a fictive city Copyright: © KG

Play your City!

We define play as a voluntary action that firstly takes place in community with others, secondly is accepted within predefined rules and boundaries of time and space, and thirdly arouses emotions. Design and play have been inextricably intertwined since time immemorial: humans have always been fascinated by the playful and aesthetic handling of matter.

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  architectural sketch Copyright: © KG

Drawing Field Trip Rotterdam

We can't make up for everything, but we start again now. Drawing-without-ending, perception-perception in a much broader sense, as a (self-)assurance in relation to what surrounds and interests us. Directly confronting ourselves physically with a place in our own doing, so that things really emerge in our consciousness.
Arriving. In ROTTERDAM! We will SEE!

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  ceramic 3D-prints Copyright: © Vesela Tabakova

Digital Clay - Form Follows Flow/EM

3D printing techniques have become increasingly important in recent years. More and more new materials in the form of filaments or paste-like mixtures can be manufactured additively. The seminar introduces the digital manufacturing process of 'Liquid Deposition Modelling' (LDM) and explores the technical possibilities of extruded, fluid clay bodies for architectural applications.

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  brick oven Copyright: © Paulo César Santos

Sculpture from field fired bricks/EM

Field-fired bricks are traditionally made from clay or loam in a process of molding, drying and firing. The wet-formed and air-dried raw brick is fired without a fixed kiln in a specially constructed kiln by firing coal or wood. The starting material, firing temperature and construction of the kiln all have an influence on the texture of the bricks.

A video by the Rhineland Regional Council demonstrates the classic method in detail as an educational film from the "Old Crafts in the Rhineland" series. The video is the model for the production of the field-fired bricks in the seminar: The sculpture that is to be built later is modeled at the beginning in a collective design process and detailed down to its components.

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  paper models Copyright: © Odine Lang

Nature studies in paper models/EM

For centuries, natural objects have offered architects an abundant fund of forms and form-forming mechanisms, which are still used as a source of inspiration today. Through the examination of small-format plant objects such as pods, fruit stalks, buds, but also microscopic living beings, we want to open up a world of forms from which our own constructions can be derived in a variety of abstract ways.

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  2 faces, 2 hands Copyright: © Hensel

Living Color/FF

This event is about the sustainable production of material and its application, here specifically in the field of color. The method of traditional dyeing with living organisms will be addressed. Especially the investigation of the creative potential of algae as a dye serves as a starting point to reflect on new sources for the production of material and their implications

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