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  colored patterns, relief Copyright: KG   Copyright: Christina Klug

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  Pixelface Copyright: Groninger

The blind spots of models/SDG/WF

An interdisciplinary and cross-university research project, including a three-day workshop at the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe with students from Karlsruhe, Münster and Aachen. The aim of the workshop is to investigate the 'blind spots' of the models, i.e. the characteristics, perceptions, strategies and modes of meaning that have been ignored, misunderstood or undiscovered in modelling, that have been forgotten or deliberately concealed.

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  Scetches mimic and gesture Copyright: Kim

Visual Acts/FF

We will deal with the question to what extent pictorial actions that are processual and performative play a role in the aesthetic practice of visualizing ideas. It is about visual possibilities of expression, which we also reflect as a physical - a kinetic language.

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  Living colors Copyright: Hensel

Colour Lab/WF

In this course we explore the sensual qualities of colour and their integration into spatio-temporal interventions. Similar to an alchemical laboratory, an experimental and application-oriented approach is taken here, which allows us to explore the properties and reactions of different processes and to record them in research journals.

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  table with tablet and tools Copyright: Neuefeind


'Reiff-Hack' is a blended learning project of the faculty and contains a collection of short practical films, so-called Life Hacks. The planned films, made by students for students, are intended to deal with manual practices of studying architecture and in particular to support the creative development of ideas.

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