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  3D-Print ceramic mass Copyright: © C. Klug

Digital Clay - Non-Horizontal Layering/FF

The research field introduces the digital fabrication process of 'Liquid Deposition Modeling' (LDM) and investigates the technical (play) possibilities of extruded, plastic clay for architectural applications.

In LDM, 'non-horizontally layered' structures can be developed that incorporate the special properties of the material. Therefore, in teams, ceramic (building) structures will be designed using algorithmic path definitions, which would not be producible with conventional ‘slicing tools’.

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  Work table Copyright: © A. Neuefeind

Reiff Hack/impromptu design

Reiff Hack is a Blended Learning project of the Faculty of Architecture. The project includes the collection and sharing of short practical films, so-called 'life hacks', from - and for - the everyday study of future architects. The films show manual methods and practices. Students produce videos with practical tips and tricks from architecture for fellow students. The Reiff Hacks offer the possibility to profit from the knowledge of others, to contact them and to provide know-how for 'learning by doing'.

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  Transformative objects Copyright: © C. Klug

Transformative objects/WF

This elective course focuses on the structural possibilities for transformable additively manufactured geometries. The developed systems are constructed in such a way that they can reversibly shift into at least one further shape. The main topics discussed are 'Smart Materials', 'Programmable Materials' and structural systems, such as 'Auxetics'. Considerations of sensory control of 'Transformative Objects' expand the spectrum of possible use cases in architecture and design.

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  Paper object - movable Copyright: © O. Lang

Structure and Movement in Folded Objects/WF

Paper surrounds us as an everyday material, but it also offers special possibilities for creating shapes. Its special qualities make it interesting for two-dimensional, but also for three-dimensional applications. Because as soon as a sheet of paper is folded, a three-dimensional structure is created. Folds can not only structure the originally flat surface, but also stabilize it, stabilize it and make it moveable in defined directions. This is because folds are always also joints at which paper is moved.

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  Mining playground at the mining monument Grube Adolf Copyright: © Bergbaudenkmal Adolf e.V.

Play sculpture for Adolf pit/WF

The mining monument Grube Adolf in Herzogenrath-Merkstein is an area around the winding engine house of the former Adolf colliery, the only remaining building on the site.
A "miner's playground" is a popular local destination here. Here, in addition to conventional playground equipment, there are in particular large machine parts from mining history, some of which have been converted into seating or playground equipment. A special play sculpture is desired for the playground that refers to the mining tradition and adds a small attraction to the place.

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