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  colored patterns, relief Copyright: KG

Ornament and Facture/M2.2

The project deals with a superordinate architectural question in the context of a concrete building task, a 'crematorium': it thematises the age-old scenery of transition, farewell, coming into being and passing away. Beyond an understanding of the functional and technical aspects of a cremation, it calls for a physical, atmospheric experience of the spaces, the light, the materials and their joints. We would like to explore such design and production practices together and in a coordinated manner under the umbrella term 'ornament + facture' in advance and in an accompanying fundamental way and bring them into the design.

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  Living colors Copyright: Hensel

Colour Lab/WF

In this course we explore the sensual qualities of colour and their integration into spatio-temporal interventions. Similar to an alchemical laboratory, an experimental and application-oriented approach is taken here, which allows us to explore the properties and reactions of different processes and to record them in research journals.

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  ceramic 3D-prints Copyright: C. Küpper

Digital Clay - 3D-Printed Modules

Research field on the topic of '3D-printed modules' in ceramics. The technical properties and possibilities of liquid deposition modelling (LDM) of extruded, plastic clay are explored for their applicability in new architectural applications.

Design experiments and optimisations (Rhino) as well as the actual production (Delta WASP) will be run through. From the design to the final production, the students develop a prototype building element, taking into account efficient and innovative strategies in the field of additive manufacturing.

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  Map of Locktown Copyright: Brownsworld et al.

The blind spots of models/SDG/WF

An interdisciplinary and cross-university research project, including a three-day workshop at the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe with students from Karlsruhe, Münster and Aachen. The aim of the workshop is to investigate the 'blind spots' of the models, i.e. the characteristics, perceptions, strategies and modes of meaning that have been ignored, misunderstood or undiscovered in modelling, that have been forgotten or deliberately concealed.

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  White Cube Copyright: Friedrich

White Cube/WF

In this seminar we will deal with the connection, linkage, entanglement, intersection, reversal, distortion, confusion ... in short, with the entanglement of pictorial and plastic forms in a neutral experimental space - the White Cube. Drawings on walls and floor - objects and reliefs that develop in different directions - writings that float in the air ... colours, placed in space! Lines, surfaces, colours, grids, free forms or objects become entangled in a communicative situation in the form of a model-like spatial installation. From different angles, the installation presents itself quite differently; but perhaps the angle of vision is also limited and predetermined - an illusion is created in the viewer.

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  landscape with shadow of the fotografier Copyright: Becker

REVIERa Focus North Edge Garzweiler/STEG

The task of the impromptu is to design an apparatus that can be used to observe and focus on structural change literally and over a longer period of time. In order to design this, we ask ourselves which processes exactly in the Rhenish mining area are to be focused on, when, where and how, and for how long. Is it the landscape that is changing, is it new technologies that are gradually conquering the Revier or is it the social aspects that are occupying the land?

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