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  Paving stones and floor tiles Copyright: Mayr

Bachelor's Programme

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  Transitional Form Copyright: K:G

Metamorphing: Transitional forms between bodies

Form transitions, reshaping, transformation, restructuring, reshaping, and even alteration of form are phenomena that embody life processes and are therefore received as organic: regardless of whether they arise in nature or on machines and devices for functional, spatial-motor, or other reasons. They describe relationships, interactions and transitions between bodies and their forms.

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  2 x color red Copyright: Mayr

Colour theory

The course starts with an experience- and perception-based approach to the topic of colour and promotes individual, playful approaches and experiments in dealing with colours and materials right from the beginning. The practical handling of colours according to their effects, their materiality and their mutual interaction takes place in a sequence of exercises, which are carried out independently accompanying a series of impulse lectures.

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  Colours Copyright: K:G

Experimental Photography

In this seminar we put our focus on the experimental examination of the material and the medium of color film photography: the color negative film in 35mm format. The motif of the photographs is the color film itself. Through free experimentation we investigate the interaction of light, lens and film. Photographing with the camera is only one part of the entire image process. Because also digitalization offers possibilities for further modifications.

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