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  experimental fotografie Copyright: © Göbels

Schauwerkstatt Essen/B4

In recent decades, it has been recognized that photography is an important artistic and documentary medium, and in recent years it has also been established that it needs a place - a competence center - that does justice to its special role. And so, after a long cultural-political process, the foundation of a Federal Institute for Photography with the aim of preserving photographs for a cultural memory, collecting, restoring and researching them is imminent.

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  coloured pencils drawing corrected Copyright: © KG

Visual Design 1a/G&D1

This course teaches the basics of visual design. In addition to perception, descriptive thinking in a spatial + functional context, spatial imagination, the ability to abstract in a meaningful way, as well as the development of a visual memory are promoted. The students gain insight into the specific characteristics and possibilities of manual techniques of design.

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  Sculptures of concrete Copyright: © K:G

Plastic Design 1b/G&D1

By grasping objects and spaces by hand, we physically internalise our perception and create a mental basis for creative thinking.In the workshops and studios of the chair, we investigate methods of sculptural and spatial design in the experimental use of classical and unconventional materials.

  Photocollage Copyright: © Stadler 2016

Drawing Field Trip Rotterdam/G&D/WF

We can't make up for everything, but we start again now. Drawing-without-ending, perception-perception in a much broader sense, as a (self-)assurance in relation to what surrounds and interests us. Directly confronting ourselves physically with a place in our own doing, so that things really emerge in our consciousness.
Arriving. In ROTTERDAM! We will SEE!

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  Durchdringung Keramikobjekt Copyright: © Friedrich

Interpenetration Space Ceramic/G&D

Interpenetration and intersection: Ceramic hollow forms whose volumes interpenetrate or whose walls are intersected with each other give rise to interpenetration spaces and forms that are created by fusion. They are sometimes very complex and difficult to imagine - this is precisely the exciting approach of this theme.n.

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  art-game Deaconball | 1997 Copyright: © Axel Friedrich

Play | Sculpture/em

The goal of the city of Aachen is to make the city center more attractive for children and young people beyond the classic playgrounds and to ensure tangible added value on site in real space - an increase in the quality of stay for this target group.

Playing on equipment, e.g. on the playground, is usually without purpose. It develops out of the interaction with the spatial and material setting, initially without fixed rules that go beyond the directly apparent play functions. You can play with this equipment mostly alone, but in a group it often becomes a game of rules or a competition - the rules are based on the conditions of the equipment, but they are then invented by the group itself. There are many types of playground equipment that can be categorized (rotating playground equipment, spring bouncers, sand and water games, etc.). It seems that everything already exists - why look for something new...?

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  Photocollage Copyright: © Stadler 2016

Act and Sketch/WF

For the first time, a course is offered that brings traditional nude drawing into constructive dialogue with the means of virtual drawing (virtual sketching). Using VR goggles and a head-mounted display installed in the drawing room, we make one and two-handed immaterial 3D sculptures on a scale of 1:1, also: drawings on paper with pen and brush, charcoal, ink, wax and graphite in different scales. Through CrossMedia we approach the motif of the human body.

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  Photocollage Copyright: © Stadler 2016

Shadow & Light, Print Making Edging/WF

Of all the graphic techniques, etching has a special range of possibilities to offer. We will implement some of these in the printmaking workshop. The artist Graciela Machado, who heads the Department of Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Porto, will support us in Aachen with her professional expertise in a one-week practical workshop in the printmaking workshop.

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  lecture hall with microphone in front Copyright: © Llorca-Bofí

Sound Makes Space/WF

This course teaches the fundamentals of acoustic design in architecture to achieve comfortable and accessible rooms for communication purposes, within a holistic design. It introduces the physical principles behind propagation, reflection, and perception of sound in architectural spaces, and how these can be designed. The course will allow the student to get in touch with different rooms, materials and sources, and develop small design exercises where sound is the dominant argument to create space.

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  Workshop courses overview Copyright: © K:G

Studio and workshop courses

Studio and workshop courses on various topics of pictorial and plastic design under the direction of the Department of Visual Arts.The courses take place in different formats, on a weekly basis or as block courses. Successful participation is confirmed by a certificate of attendance. The certificate is not graded. By presenting two certificates, participants can register for an examination and have an ungraded 3 ECTS elective 'Studio and Workshop Course' recognized. You can only participate in one course per term.

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