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  coloured pencils drawing corrected Copyright: © KG

Visual Design 1a | G&D1

This course teaches the basics of visual design. In addition to perception, descriptive thinking in a spatial + functional context, spatial imagination, the ability to abstract in a meaningful way, as well as the development of a visual memory are promoted. The students gain insight into the specific characteristics and possibilities of manual techniques of design.

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  Sculptures different materials Copyright: © K:G

Plastic Design 1a | G&D1

Art Form

By grasping objects and spaces by hand, we physically internalise our perception and create a mental basis for creative thinking. In the workshops and studios of the department, we investigate methods of plastic and spatial design in an experimental approach to classical and unconventional materials.

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  Colour theory Copyright: © Annie Wang

Colour Theory | G&D2+WF

The course starts with an experience- and perception-based approach to the topic of colour and encourages individual, playful observations and experiments with colours and materials from the very beginning. The practical handling of colours according to their effects, their materiality and their mutual interaction is dealt with in a sequence of exercises that are carried out independently to accompany a series of impulse lectures.

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  Photo Copyright: © Celine Stadler

Act and Sketch | G&D2+WF

Traditional nude drawing is brought into a constructive dialogue with the means of virtual sketching. We use a head-mounted display installed in the drawing room and create immaterial 3D sculptures on a scale of 1:1. We transfer these into real space and work on them with pen and brush, charcoal, ink, wax or graphite. In the spirit of 'Act and Sketch' we approach the motif of the human body. The goal is to explore our physical actions with all their sensoriality. How does the multisensory knowledge of body and space change?

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  Metal cast relief Copyright: © Friedrich

Relief Experiment - Metal Casting | G&D2+WF

The sand molding process for metal casting offers possibilities for diverse representation techniques: recasting after the creation of a classically modeled model, the molding of experimentally created models or structures, but also working directly in the molding sand as negative modeling in the subtractive process or negative printing.
In the course, relief structures are to be developed in experimental settings that suggest the deepest possible spatial impression by superimposing areas of light and shadow at a low model height.

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  Etching Copyright: © Studies work

Etching | WF

The resistance of metallic etching plates has always challenged the creativity of artists who have tried their hand at them. Legions of tools for manual scratching, scribing, punching, scraping, drilling were developed, along with sophisticated chemical methods for injuring the surface with acids. Metal plates are not only hard, but also patient. The more or less visible traces of processing can be interpreted and thematized as a visual memory of the process.

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  Workshop courses overview Copyright: © K:G

Studio and workshop courses

Studio and workshop courses on various topics of pictorial and plastic design under the direction of the Department of Visual Arts.The courses take place in different formats, on a weekly basis or as block courses. Successful participation is confirmed by a certificate of attendance. The certificate is not graded. By presenting two certificates, participants can register for an examination and have an ungraded 3 ECTS elective 'Studio and Workshop Course' recognized. You can only participate in one course per term.

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